Day 4 (4 Jan 2012) Air Gas Plant

Good evening!

I have to admit, I’m finding this project challenging!  I’m usually so busy during the day with work that I don’t think about what I will shoot untill later in the afternoon/evening.  And since it’s dark by the time I’m out of work, that heavily influances what I shoot.  But I admit, I love shooting after dark, so I’m trying to see it as an oppertunity to explore night photography!
2012_Jan_04_Air Gas Plant_020
42mm, 25 sec, f/8, ISO 100, tripod mounted, Air Gas plant near Norwich, CT

I’ve seen this Air Gas plant often as I drive home at night off into the distance and have always wondered what it was.  So tonight I took a detour and though it looked interesting to shoot.  I may play with colors at a later time, but it’s late, so I’ll just post this as is.

5 thoughts on “Day 4 (4 Jan 2012) Air Gas Plant

  1. This one is really nice. I have never seen it lit up like that! How beautiful. (I have to be honest, I was trying to do the same project and made it as far as one photo! And that is with having all day to look for opportunities! I know you will stick it through and trust this will grow your skills as well as lead to personal satisfaction and growth for you. You are helping others see the beauty of the world through your eyes…and in turn, hopefully they will be inspired to look through their own as well!)

  2. At first glance I thought it was a medieval castle in Spain….. amazing how well an air gas plant can look with the right perspective! Well done!

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