Day 8 (8 Jan 2012) Tree at Night

Tonight I was hoping to do some long exposure star photography, the kind that draws circles in the sky.  However it’s a full moon, which while beautiful to look at, the light hides all but the brighest of stars.  I decided to try anyway, but just as soon as I got set up, I noticed that some clouds were moving in.  I tried anyway, hoping that during the exposure (10 min), the would clear and I would get at least some stars.  That photo was a failure, as the clouds did not pass till much later 😦  I took a few other shots to see what I could capture and the only one I liked is below.

This is a shot looking north from my garage, using only the moon for lighting.  I did a very small amount of editing to try and reduce some of the ‘noise’ generated from shooting a long exposure at ISO 1600, but I think it’s still a nice shot.  At least good enought to come inside and relax for the rest of the night 🙂

2012_Jan_08_Night Shots_007
21 mm, 30 sec, f/9.0, ISO 1600, shot at night (tree in moonlight)

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