Day 13 (13 Jan 2011) 571 Photos

My goal with this has been to share one photo a day with you.  I’ve shared 2 or 3 photos at different times, but today, I wanted to do more.  I’m sharing 571 photos with you!

Wait!  Don’t click away!  I promise that it won’t take long for you to look at them all, in fact, you can see all of them in 1 min, 16 sec!  You probably don’t belive me, and that’s ok, just look below:

571 photos combined in iMovie, 10 fps

That wasn’t so bad, was it?  My first time-lapse 🙂  Not perfect, I know.  And I know there should be some awesome sound track to go with it, but I had way too much going on today to do that kind of editing, and iMovie (the software I used for this), will only allow a max of 10 fps (most videos are 24 or 30 fps); that is why it’s ‘jumpy’.  I need to get some other software for future projects.  But I do welcome your feed back: anything from a music score to add to this to software I can use to editing techniques.

What did you think? All thoughts & critiques are welcome!

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