Day 61 (1 March 2012) Rain Drop

First of all, I’m just glad to say that the post number and day of the month are in alignment again!  No more math, lol!

But on to why you are here.  Today, other than work, I really needed to finish my paper (which was due yesterday, but thanks to the snow, class was canceled!), so I didn’t really do much with my camera.  But while sitting at my table after lunch plugging away at work, I looked out on my deck and saw several large water drops suspended on a piece of patio furniture.  Not having a macro lens, or any macro equipment, I took my lens off, turned it backwards, and attempted to shoot a particular large drop with both lens and camera hand-held (I have a close-up filter kit on order!).  While this photo isn’t anything that would win an award, I thought the black, curved ‘line’ on the drop was interesting.  And since it’s late, it’s what I’m posing 🙂  I decided to rotate the photo 180 to give it a more abstract feel.

For those of you who have shot great water drop shots, what suggestions do you have for attempting this once my filters arrive?

Water Drop

1/25 sec, ISO 1600, kit lens inverted and hand held (water drop)

What did you think? All thoughts & critiques are welcome!

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