Day 94 (3 April 2012) Rings of . . .

Ford. Not Saturn. These ‘rings’ are from a brake job I did tonight on my friend’s Ford station wagon. You may not know much about cars, but when the brake rotors get grooved and warped like these ones, they need to be replaced (because they don’t stop your car very well).

I’ve been working on cars since before I knew what a car was, handing my dad tools as a little kid and then learning and doing more as I grew older. Now one of my hobbies is working on cars and restoring my 1973 Chevy El Camino. I also do work to earn a little money and help out those who can’t afford it. Or in this case, trading auto work for some hair cuts with a friend who is a stylist. This is what I call a win-win situation 🙂

Rings of Ford

60 mm, 0.8 sec, f/2.8, ISO 100, 60 mm macro lens (Rings of Ford)

Brake Rotor

60 mm, 1/4 sec, f/2.8, ISO 200, 60mm macro lens (Brake Rotor)

6 thoughts on “Day 94 (3 April 2012) Rings of . . .

    • Thanks! It’s fun to see how ordinary objects can be “seen” differently. We live in a world full of beauty, we just have to bother to see it 🙂

  1. I could really care less about cars and their repairs (with the exception of Stephan’s project living in our garage… I like that one!) but Jeremy, these photos are absolutely amazing!!! I seriously love them. I dig a well done macro. And these do look a lot like the rings of Saturn. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    • Thanks! I love how my macro lens can turn junk into art 🙂 I think I could spend a year shooting stuff in my garage and not get board 🙂

    • Thanks! Photography, and esp this project, has really opened my eyes to what is around me. I know I don’t have to travel to some exotic local to find beauty 🙂

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