Day 112 (21 April 2012) Look Up

I did manage to snap off a couple shots with my iPhone. This one was inspired by a fellow blogger who is amazing: Pablo. Since I’m posting with my phone, I’m not sure how to link to his blog, but he is a frequent source of encouragement to me in his comments to my posts. I strongly encourage you to find his photo blog! I’ll edit this when I get back home so Pablo’s properly credited.

EDIT: Here is Pablo’s Blog; check it out!!


6 thoughts on “Day 112 (21 April 2012) Look Up

  1. I am surprised at how well iPhones/iPods shoot. I took hundreds of photos in Afghanistan with my iPod, sure there are drawbacks, but its size and ease of use made it perfect for the quick pace of being out on patrol with Soldiers. Pull it out, turn it one…guess at the frame (since the screen got washed out in bright light) and click a few shots. More often then not they turned out well.

    • I agree! It’s one of the reasons I have one. Someone once said that “the best camera is the one you have with you.” I almost always have my ‘real’ camera with me, but I always have my phone!

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