Day 138 (17 May 2012) Fire & Ice

Have you ever lost your creative drive?  Had a time when you couldn’t think of anything to shoot?  Gotten stuck in a photography rut?  Try this: pick some random, possibly mundane, object and try to shoot it.  Don’t stop shooting till you get an something that is completely different from how you saw it before.  Try different angles, perspectives, lighting types/placements, depth of field, shutter speed, editing techniques, etc.  If you have a macro filter or lens, shoot something small or just up close and personal.  If not, try a longer exposure while twisting the zoom or focus ring.  Start doing that every so often and you will always be able to find a way to create a new image that will break you from your ‘box!!’

Today I did just that.  I thought I would try and shoot an ice cube.  That’s a pretty mundane and ordinary object, that we see all the time!  It took many different shots before I finally tried something completely different.  I was trying to use my speed light to cause it to glow and highlight the air pockets.  I didn’t like any of those (till I editing a couple).  Then I grabbed my laser pointer (It has had an appearance in a couple of posts, a chair and fruit), and It got me excited seeing what was happening on my live view 🙂  It was totally unlike anything I’ve done with ordinary objects.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did creating them 🙂

Fire and Ice

60 mm, 1/5 sec, f/5.0, ISO 100, 60mm macro lens (Fire & Ice)

Ice on Fire

60 mm, 10 sec, f/5.0, ISO 100, 60mm macro lens (Ice on Fire)

Ice Cube

60 mm, 1.3 sec, f/10, ISO 100, 60mm macro lens (Ice Cube)

16 thoughts on “Day 138 (17 May 2012) Fire & Ice

  1. Great shots! I get in a rut to which is why someways you get a bowl full of chili as a post lol. Great advice, and it clearly pays off. The laser pointer added just enough light, as to where even a gelled flash probably would have gotten rid of the mysterious shadows. Love the reflection too. When I started this project, I planned on using it to start exploring flash photography, and I have yet to do so.

    • Thanks Denzil! I did use a speedlight on the last one, and on dozens others before I switched to the laser. I didn’t really like what came out of the camera. Flashes are a little intimidating to me, maybe because of my lack of using them? I would encourage you to explore their use, if only so I could learn 🙂

  2. Amazing and very creative! I love how you took an ordinary subject and turned it into something extra-ordinary. I might try something similar tonight. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Thanks and your welcome! I’m glad my work can inspire, as I’ve been inspired by so many other photogs 🙂 I’ll look for your post!

  3. Cool shots Jeremy… and that is exactly what to do when you don’t know for a while what to shoot… ( I do it all the time haha…just take something you have in hands or nearby everyday and shoot in all different ways…) Great post man!

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