Day 153 (1 June 2012) Hot & Ready

First of all I would like to thank all of you who gave me feed back on which photo to use out of yesterday’s post for the Long Exposure photo challenge held at Seeingspotsphoto & Nick Exposed.  #3, the carousel, received the most votes, between here and the link posted on my FB page.  I think it’s my fav, too, so I’m glad that it was chosen 🙂

This evening after work I headed to a friends house to help her break in her new charcoal grill with a bunch of friends.  After the coals were ready I shot some photos (I had to act quick, as the crowd looked hungry, lol).  I was tempted to shoot the 3 ft flames coming from the match-light briquets, but didn’t want to break from the conversation.  Is it bad that I get tempted to disengage from people to take photos?  Since I was able to shoot some good flame shots on Monday, I wasn’t too worried about “missing the shot” today and decided relationships were *gasp!* more important than photography. 🙂


Almost Ready


Grill’n Time!



4 thoughts on “Day 153 (1 June 2012) Hot & Ready

    • Thanks! Just some ‘creative’ editing in LR 🙂 I still want to give HDR a serious try, I’ve seen some amazing HDR work (not the cartoon stuff) out there!

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