Day 180 (28 June 2012) Emerging Stars

Last night (and by last night I mean at 2 am today) I attempted to capture some meteors from the Bootis Meteor shower.  It’s usually not a huge show, so I set the camera on bulb, opened the shutter (after driving for 40 min to find an open area with a view to the north), took a nap, then shut the shutter, and drove home.  I awoke to this image.  No meteors, but I’ll try again during Fall’s big show 🙂

This is my submission for “emerging star”, on the SeeingSpotsPhoto and Nick Exposed photo scavenger hunt since there were so many ’emerging’ 🙂

2012_Jun_28_Star Trails_002

18 mm, 60 min, f/3.5, ISO 100, Emerging Stars

7 thoughts on “Day 180 (28 June 2012) Emerging Stars

    • Go for it! But you will need to be somewhere VERY dark, away from as much artificial and natural light as possible. I had to do some heavy editing to remove the yellow from the sky.

      • Yeah, my sky always turns yellow. The Phoenix lights are too bright. I’ll have to get behind the mountains to get away from the light. And that will be a whole production, but I’ll figure it out. Maybe in the fall when it’s not over 100 at night, haha. I can’t wait!

  1. Amazing shot Jeremy!
    I really really love it!!
    This is something that I still have to do, I’ve tried it several times but there is always a cloud coming and spoiling my photo 🙂

    • Do it! lol. But find somewhere VERY dark! hard to find here in CT. I had to do some very heavy editing to get it like this (the sky turned out yellow pre-edit)

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