Day 213 (31 July 2012) Morning Fog

I was treated to some fog covering my front door landscape; I’ve always like the way fog adds an air of mystery to any landscape 🙂


2012_Jul_31_Morning Fog_007

30 mm, 1/30 sec, f/4.5, ISO 100 (Morning Fog)

When I look at this image, I’m not too fond of it.  It doesn’t really grab my attention, speak to any feelings/emotions, or look ‘cool’.  My next step is to look at some fog photos I think are great and see what they did.  Have you shot a great fog photo or know what I can do to improve?  Either editing, composition, camera settings, etc that should be changed?  The biggest thing I did was to drop the clarity to near the far left on the slider (reducing detail), if that will help you provide some feed back.

One of the things I love about this community is the ability to receive honest critiques.  And in this case I could use some!  Not the “it’s fine, you are too hard on your self” stuff, but “this is why your image isn’t very good. . .”  Yes, I do crave that kind of feed back, even though it’s not as fun to receive as the positive stuff.  I can’t get better if I don’t fix my weaknesses!

7 thoughts on “Day 213 (31 July 2012) Morning Fog

  1. If there’s one thing I always come down hard on myself for, it’s landscapes! So I hope I can actually help you. For this particular image, I think if you brightened it up a bit, it could add some impact. Fog can also sometimes be treated like running water. Doing a long exposure to catch the movement of the fog like you might do for a stream to get that really soft look. I also think the most dramatic landscapes have a very wide DOF, so if you try this again, close the lens as much as you can.

    • Thanks Sheree! I’ll deff get out the tripod next time and close up the aperture/bump up the exposure time. Thanks!! I do love long exposure water shots, so this will be a new thing to try 🙂

  2. I obvi haven’t seen the pre-reduced-clarity version, but I suspect that while it added to the feeling of fogginess, it also softened the edges of the trees and reduced the seperation between the subjects and tones, which I personally think its important. So, I think there is no focus point for viewer.

    I wonder if the image would benefit from a different edit (If you want to email me an unedited copy I could try a few things and email you back), or compositionally, from a foreground element that had enough clarity to anchor the image?

  3. I cannot offer any advice, as I haven’t shot fog (we don’t have much of it in northern Nevada), but I also question your sliding your clarity to the left. You already had the fog, so I’m not sure it needed to get softer.

    I’m with you, by the way, about critique. I want to get better and I’m not going to if I don’t get honest feedback.

What did you think? All thoughts & critiques are welcome!

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