Day 228 (16 Aug 2012) Riding the Rails

Ever since I was a kid I had a fascination with trains and rail roads, maybe because my dad had model (HO) trains as his hobby, or just because I’m a boy, and it’s part of the X chromosome 🙂  So tonight after visiting my friend in Norwich, I took a slight detour to some rails I’ve shot before.  I went to a different location this time and found multiple sets, most of which were abandoned.  I shot for a little while (would have gone a lot longer, but it was getting late) and headed home.

Now that I’m home, I got to play with my newest “toy”; Lightroom 4.  I just installed it this afternoon and after my first use, I love the new features!  If you use LR3 and you get the opportunity to upgrade, do it!  I wouldn’t have done it except I was able to find the student version on sale (take a low price and reduce it more, and I’m ok w/ it!).  If I made my living with my camera, it would be a no-brainer.  But if you are just a hobbyist, like myself, LR3 is still a very powerful and awesome photo editor!  But anyway, here are some of my images from tonight:

 2012_Aug_16_Norwich Rails_020

44 mm, 15 sec, f/10, ISO 200 (Night Rails)

2012_Aug_16_Norwich Rails_024

50 mm, 15 sec, f/10, ISO 200 (Rail Switch)

2012_Aug_16_Norwich Rails_012

29 mm, 20 sec, f/10, ISO 200 (Rails and Warehouse)

11 thoughts on “Day 228 (16 Aug 2012) Riding the Rails

  1. Very cool shots Jeremy.
    I secially like the composition in the first one.
    I tried lightroom once and I’ve heard and read that it’s really good, but I couldn’t do anything with it, don’t know how to use it, probably this weekend I’ll give it a try again!

  2. Love all of them but the middle one is my favorite. Love the kick of highlight off the rail. Whenever I convert to b & w my blacks look gray and the photo seems to lack contrast. Yours are perfect!

    • Thanks!! My trick to b&w is to shoot in RAW and fine-tune the conversion during post-processing. I use Lightroom, by Adobe. You may be able to find ver 3 cheap as 4 just came out.

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