Day 230 (18 Aug 2012) End of a Long Day

Yesterday I didn’t post the a photo from yesterday.  I took several, but they were mostly of the boys while camping, so I won’t post them here.  But I did try to snap a few images of this lonely cloud I saw pulling out of the grocery store parking lot.  I had to stand on one of those tall bases for the lot lights to see over the fence enough to get a ‘clean’ shot.  But since it was pretty dark already, I had to boost the ISO up pretty high, and use some heavy post processing to get this image.  Definitely not work I’m proud of, but it’s what I’ve got for yesterday 🙂

2012_Aug_18_RR Campout_116

30 mm, 1/13 sec, f/4.5, ISO 400 (Lonely Cloud)

What did you think? All thoughts & critiques are welcome!

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