Day 236 (24 Aug 2012) Morning Fog

I took this image this morning before the fog burned off.  I kinda like it, though not sure it conveys the fogginess.   Maybe if I get up earlier and get it while still a bit dark and use a long exposure? (getting up early is the hard part, lol) 🙂  Anyway, my camera is not put away for the night, so maybe I’ll see something interesting to shoot again 🙂

2012_Aug_24_Sun & Fog_002

55 mm, 1/15 sec, f/29, ISO 100 (Sun and Fog)

7 thoughts on “Day 236 (24 Aug 2012) Morning Fog

  1. I had to come back to this one. I really like it. You know what it makes me think of – fog is temporary. It comes and fades away. I don’t know all the science stuff, but I know I have never faced a totally foggy day. The sun always seemed to come and it went away or night would come and it would go away. So I was staring at this for a few moments earlier and then came back now to type my thoughts. When I see this picture, I think of how we may have troubles for a moment – maybe we are walking through difficult situations or maybe we are just feeling blah about life – but not to long from now, the dreariness will fade and they will go away. It may be because the Son comes and they fade away or it may be because night sets and they are are gone. Either way, they are no longer our concerns. Just like the fog, they will kind of just disappear from our minds. 🙂 Love this one. I am seeing a totally 2nd show here on the blog lately! : )

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