Day 295 (21 Oct 2012) Wedding Bells

On Sunday I attended the wedding of a couple friends, and as I was asked to help set up a little, I arrived early enough to get some shooting in before everyone else arrived.  I was also hired to shoot the last hour or so after the pro photographer left (I’m not a pro, esp. for weddings!), especially of the bride and groom leaving the bridal suite, saying good by, and getting into the limo.  It was an honor to be asked to shoot that (and get a little $ for it, too), esp. since I wasn’t asked to develop the photos (the bride will do that on her own time).  But anyway, here are a couple of my “personal” photos from that day.

2012_Oct_21_Strand Wedding_020

Camera Bling

2012_Oct_21_Strand Wedding_018

Center Pieces 

2012_Oct_21_Strand Wedding_028

Reception Hall

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