Day 318 (13 Nov 2012) The Gift of Life

I’ve been a blood donor since I was 17, giving my first pint as a Junior in high school.  I’ve not always been consistent in giving every time possible, but always do when asked.  I’ve been more regular since moving to CT, and its always a good feeling to be able to help someone who I will never meet!

I highly recommend you go to and find a donation site near you and give!  There is almost always a shortage, so your donation will be greatly appreciated by someone and their family!  If you don’t like needles, you won’t even have to watch them stick you or look at your arm at any time.  All you feel is a little pinch and it’s over!

Do you give blood?  Why or why not?  I’m curious to know 🙂

2012_Nov_13_Red Cross Sticker_005

4 thoughts on “Day 318 (13 Nov 2012) The Gift of Life

  1. Oh, now you’re making me feel guilty! I don’t give because I fainted when I gave, and decided thereafter that since I’ve ‘normal’ blood it’s no big deal. Rationale being that if I’d been RH negative, or something, there really was a shortage and I would have to, you know what I mean. But that was a while ago, and I know they make all sorts of life-saving products from blood nowadays so, ok, I’ll begin again – when I get back home, ok?

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