Day 330 (25 Nov 2012) Cows At Rest

I pass this field several times a week, and can’t help but watch the cows as I drive by.  It seems at times that they live a life of ease, with nothing to do but relax and eat all day.  Then I go grab a burger and realize that maybe I don’t want that life!

Let me know what you think of the treatment I gave these images.  The foreground wasn’t very interesting, and the sky wasn’t that great, either, so I cropped them out.  The grass is a mix of dead and green, so it was hard to get the cattle to stand out a lot; that’s why I tried the B&W in the last one.  Critiques are welcome!

2012_Nov_25_Dairy Farm_007

2012_Nov_25_Dairy Farm_006

2012_Nov_25_Dairy Farm_004

2 thoughts on “Day 330 (25 Nov 2012) Cows At Rest

  1. I think the issue I’m having with this shot is that I don’t really know what you want me to focus on. I find myself looking all over the photo, but don’t find my eyes drawn in on any particular thing. Maybe you could have bumped the saturation a bit?

    • Carissa, thanks! That’s exactly the kind of feedback I need and desire! I guess there really isn’t any central focal point, and I didn’t have one in mind while shooting, except maybe the cows, but that’s not well executed. TY!

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