Day 336 (1 December 2012) Christmas Parade

Today makes 336 consecutive days of taking photos!  Only 30 more till I hit 366!  This dude isn’t stoping at a mere 365, I’m going all the way to 366!! Oh Yeah! LOL

Tonight I hung out with some friends (and their kids, lol) at the Groton Holiday parade.  It wasn’t the the greatest parade ever, but how often do you get a chance to see several floats all lit up at night just drive past you?  It was a good time to light paint many times with minimal effort, lol.  All I had to do was stay warm 🙂

2012_Dec_01_Christmas Parade_022

2012_Dec_01_Christmas Parade_027

2012_Dec_01_Christmas Parade_036

2012_Dec_01_Christmas Parade_047

3 thoughts on “Day 336 (1 December 2012) Christmas Parade

  1. Fun shots, Jeremy, I particularly like the second one, with its two great red horns of light!

    As to the 365 idea, tell me, is a photo a day intrusive in your life, has it changed the way you life, helped your eye, your photographic skills … ? All these questions because I’ve been toying with doing a similar thing when I move back to Australia. i thought it might be a good way – and add impetus, to explore my new environment, at the same time as making a conscious effort to learn more about photography. But I’m worried about the daily commitment 😦

    • Hey Gene! Thanks for your feedback! I tried to answer your questions in today’s post, at the end. But to summarize, the time commitment was/is huge (as I didn’t just do snapshots and post, but always spent time editing and usually trying to do something special). But the paybacks have been huge!! I see the world different, w/o a doubt! I see more beauty, detail, etc when I open them. I am always asking myself how what I see will look in an image, and I’m learning more and more what are good images and what, while pretty, is a bland image, even before pulling out the camera. If you don’t think you can commit to a 365, I can totally understand. But try a 52 instead (1 image a week). I think that is very doable, for just about anyone! I hope I addressed you question fully; if not, let me know 🙂

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