Day 339 (4 Dec 2012) Pepsi Bottle, or More Creative Shots of Trash

Tonight while finishing up my studies I started to wonder what I would shoot.  I looked over at the empty Pepsi bottle sitting on my desk next to my binder and the shape of the threads on the top caught my eye.  I thought, “I bet that might make an interesting black and white photo.”  What do you think?  Agree?  Disagree?  I’m curious to see why. 🙂

2012_Dec_04_Pepsi Bottle_019

2012_Dec_04_Pepsi Bottle_018

2012_Dec_04_Pepsi Bottle_010

P.S. This bottle will be recycled, if you were worried 😉

6 thoughts on “Day 339 (4 Dec 2012) Pepsi Bottle, or More Creative Shots of Trash

    • Thanks Gene! I had intenionaly included the seam, but I see now it is distracting. I think I could use more instances of “negative” feedback, as it helps me improve more than praise (just don’t tell my ego I said that!). I have a glass bottle almost empty in the fridge, I’ll have to do a comparison shoot to see how they turn out. Maybe an entire series of threads!

      • Ego should be calm – it wasn’t a negative comment, the opposite, in fact! If I hadn’t enjoyed the images I’d hardly have bothered telling you what I thought of them 🙂

        I think a series could be interesting, and don’t forget the bottoms of bottles, where the thickness of the glass creates a silvery disk between two bands of colour (depending on contents and what the bottle’s standing on). Which makes me wonder what you’d get if you shot through a portion of the waist of a coke bottle, with that fluted bulb?

      • I guess “negative” was the wrong word. “Constructive” would have been better 🙂

        Looks like its time to get some various bottles! Thanks for the support and ideas!

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