Day 119 (28 April 2012) Sun and Sand

Today I had a goal of shooting a long exposure shot of the sea, based on a technique I learned from SeeingSpotsPhotography (check her blog, amazing photos, great info, and lots of creative inspiration).  I was thinking I would go from an afternoon gathering at a friend’s place down to the beach (they are in a coastal town) and shoot.  It didn’t dawn on me to check what time sunset was (7:30ish PM), and as the gathering ended about 6ish, it was still very light out.  So I slapped on my polarizer and the 4x ND filter I have (strongest/only one) so I could slow the shutter down.  Best I could do was about 5 seconds, which wasn’t long enough to get the effect.  I tried various angles, compositions, but nothing was to my liking.  But the first photo is one I really like.  I’ve always been fascinated by the patterns the retreating water leaves in the sand, and a black & white conversion was just perfect, IMO.

The second shot is from this afternoon on my way to the gathering.  I pulled over from the interstate, rolled down the window, and shot a couple frames.  Worth the stop, I think, what do you think?

Sand Patterns

55 mm, 1.3 sec, f/29, ISO 100, 18-55mm kit lens w/ ND/polarizer filters (Sand patterns)

High Clouds

32 mm, 1/800 sec, f/8.0, ISO 100, 18-55mm kit lens (High Clouds)

On a side note, I was honored by Dan from Nine & a Half Hours Ahead for the Versatile Blogger Award

 I will be honest and say that I do feel honored by this award, especially coming from Dan!  But at the same time, I’m beginning to wonder about all the awards I’m seeing/getting nominated for.  I hope I’m not hurting anyones feeling with what I’m about to say, but each award has a unique name, but in the “rules” or “award post” there is nothing said about the meaning behind it.  This one would seem to mean the recipient’s blog covers a wide range of topics or subjects or is in some way “versatile”.  Maybe they all started that way, but now?  They all have a rule about how many other people you need to award it to.  So like those chain emails from 5-10 years ago that said you needed to send it to 10 people or your second cousin’s friend’s dog will die and you won’t get the award from Microsoft, I wonder if they are started to see how far they will spread. (I understand now why my fellow blogger Joanna does not accept awards.  You should check out her amazing blog!)

I only follow a few blogs, as I don’t have enough time to read all the really great stuff out there, so I feel like I’m awarding the same blogs awards again and again.  Not that they are not great or deserving, but I am asking myself, why did i get this particular one?  Sure, I do shoot the occasional really good photo, but i’m not a great photographer.  I do love shooting and sharing with you in the blog community, but I’m doing it ’cause it’s fun, not for recognition (yes, I do love all the likes and hits and stuff, it is very encouraging & ego boosting 🙂 ).

So, I’m going to make my own rule for this award.  I’m not going to tell you 7 more random thing about myself.  I am grateful to Dan for the nomination!  I will tell you “my” rules for this:
1. Know that I think your blog is great, and worth my limited time!!
2. Pass it on to a blog or blogs that you think are versatile in what they have (subjects, topics, etc) that you enjoy reading/following [doesn’t have to be 15!!]
3. Rules are meant to be broken sometimes 🙂

So, after all that (I can’t believe I ranted that much, sorry!), I award the Versatile Blogger award to:

lightswimming for the variety in photographic subjects

In My Back Pocket – Photography for the variety of techniques he uses in processing his photos

One Crazy Bible because of the way he tells the stories of the bible in a way that makes you think about it differently

Have a great night!  Let me know what you think of my “rant” on awards.

The Heart On Fire Award

Pablo nominated me for this award about 10 days ago, but I missed it 😦  I really enjoy his blog, especially the education he shares about the subject of his fine photos!  To keep this award I have to share 7 facts about myself (I feel like you will know all about me by the end of this year!)

1. I love reading: sic-fi fiction, leadership, personal finance, Christianity (I average about 1-2 books a month)
2. I have loved rock collecting since before I even knew what a camera was, and still have much of my collection from my childhood.
3. I live on the edge of a rural town in Eastern CT, and dislike living in “cities” and prefer my few acres of woods
4. I love photography (duh!)
5. I have lived in 7 states
6. Fall is my favorite time of year
7. I’ve broken 50mph on a snowboard 🙂

Those who I would nominate, are some more of my favorite blogs.  You should check them out, as they each have their own merits 🙂

Denzil Jennings Photography,


My Days in Focus
The Regina Chronicles 366

Project 365 by Kenneth Todd


Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

Yesterday I was honored by Camila (Thank you!!) with the Sunshine Award!

Now the rules are as follows:

  1. Include the logo award in your post.
  2. Answer some questions about yourself (I think it’s 6 more random things about me).
  3. Nominate some of the other bloggers that you love.
  4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
  5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Ok, so 6 six about me…

1. I’m a Christian
2. My favorite color is green
3. I have moved homes 29 times in my life
4. I love sushi (and just about any ‘ethnic’ food)
5. I’m an engineer and financial counselor
6. My first car (which I still have) is older than I am

The following blogs are some of my favorites.  I can’t nominate everyone, so here are some of my favorites:

pablobuitrago365 – Pablo has received many awards, I think, and for obvious reasons; check out his blog!

The Northeastern Hippie – a blog w/ great tasting and healthy recipes, great photos, and musings on life.  She’s a good friend and a good blogger, check her blog out!

Quotography – new blog, but a great combo of quotes and photos – great photography and great insights – one of the most creative photographers I’ve met!  Learning a lot about being creative from her blog