Day 206 (24 July 2012) New London Nights

After a class I’m helping teach I decided to wander the streets of downtown New London with my camera and tripod.  Not a lot of activity, though it’s only Tuesday night, not Friday or Saturday, which was good.  I could shoot w/o having to worry about people getting in my way or me in their way 🙂

I only took time to clean up a couple images, just ’cause of the time.  I’ll clean up the rest and put them on my Flickr page eventually.  Have a great night!

2012_Jul_24_New London Night_025

18 mm, 25 sec, f/18, ISO 100 (Amtrak)

2012_Jul_24_New London Night_004

33 mm, 30 sec, f/8.0, ISO 200 (Bike Racks)

Day 193 (11 July 2012) I Want To Ride My Bi-Cycle!

Took some macro shots of my bike (Yes, it needs a good cleaning 🙂 ).  Was a fun shoot!  I was trying to bring out the shape and texture of the chain and rear gears.  Shooting made me want to break it out and go for a ride!

2012_Jul_11_Bike Chain & Gear_011

2012_Jul_11_Bike Chain & Gear_012

2012_Jul_11_Bike Chain & Gear_019

2012_Jul_11_Bike Chain & Gear_014