Day 102 (11 April 2012) Blackledge Falls

At about 25 feet high, Blackledge Falls is one of the tallest water falls in Connecticut.  It’s located in Glastonbury just off of a minor highway, and easily accessible on foot.  A short, half-mile hike from the parking area brings you into full view of the twin falls.

Since this set of falls is normally only flowing well after a rain, I thought I would check it out tonight, since we had some light rain today.  It wasn’t gushing, but under flash light, it looked pretty cool.

I think now I know why it’s called Blackledge Falls.  Almost no light was present on the face of the cliff.  It took over 6 min of exposure time, a high ISO, and lots of editing to bring you this photo.  Below the photo is just a little narrative of my photo jaunt tonight.

2012_Apr_11_Blackledge Falls_003

This little hike was not a perfect event; after I get set up, I take a couple 30-second exposures to try and test the photo’s composition.  I knew I had the falls somewhat centered and in focus by using my flash light and LiveView.  But I didn’t realize that it was way too dark for only a 30 second exposure; even with ISO 800 and shooting wide open at f/3.5.  At that point I realized I forgot my IR remote (which allows me to lock open the shutter in bulb mode) in the car.  So, leaving the tripod, I hustle back to the car.

I quickly locate the remote in my other bag and head back to the falls at a quick pace; the clock has already passed 10:30pm and I do have work in the AM.  So, I re-set up the camera, get the focus set, and then my battery indicator starts blinking red.  At this point I realized that I don’t have a spare battery with me; it is in the car.  But It’s late, so I open the shutter and pray the battery can last at least 10 min (I’m planning a 5 min exposure).  Praise God it held out long enough to complete the shot and process it!  Lesson(s) learned!

I think I would like to do this shot in the daytime, with a better perspective, and more flow (I did have my umbrella, because it was raining a little during this whole ordeal).  Stay tuned!