Day 194 (12 July 2012) A Good Book. . .

“You’re the same today as you’ll be in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read.”  – Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

I believe that is true, 100%!  And as such, I love to read.  I try to read between 1 and 2 books a month, as many non-fiction as I can, with some great fiction thrown in for fun 🙂 One of my favorite things to do?  Curl up with a good book, especially in the warm sun on a cool day 🙂


60 mm (cropped), 6 sec, f/8/0, ISO 100 (Isaac Asimov)


60 mm, 1/2 sec, f/2.8, ISO 100 (A good Read)

I don’t read very many paper books these days (unless it’s a text book or one lent to me), as I do most of my reading on my Kindle.  I have to say that I LOVE my Kindle and read so much more since getting it.  It’s much easier to hold than a book (lighter and no cramps from holding the paperback open).  But the biggest reason is that when I finish a book, I don’t have to make the trip to the book store, shop around for something good, and get it back home.  I can buy a book directly from the device!  Or when I pre-order a book, the day it’s released I have it for my reading pleasure!  And when I do travel, it’s usually a long trip; no more hauling 4 books hoping I don’t run out of reading material 🙂  If  you are a reader, I highly recommend getting an e-reader!


I am so happy and excited right now that I can barely stand it!  One of my photos was used as the cover of a book currently for sale on  The author of “Nicky Nighttime” contacted me through this blog about using a photo I posted from my day in Newport, RI as the cover of a book he wrote.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure at first if it was a legit request, but It turned out to be and after creating a use license for his book, he used it for his book!

This is the photo he used:

Newport Cliff Walk Breaking Clouds

Anyway, I just had to share this great moment with all of y’all 🙂  I encourage you to check out his book, I think it’s only about $3 (I haven’t read it yet, but will soon).  He’s a self published local author (local to Newport RI), and is a very nice and considerate guy.  He was a real pleasure to work with on this project 🙂

Good night!

Day 25 (25 Jan 2012) Book of Jeremiah

25 days!  I’ve had a few close calls, but I’ve managed to keep this up for 25 days straight!  Not necessarily a huge accomplishment, but its a good milestone to have under my belt

So to celebrate, today’s photo is of something that is of great importance to my life.  The basis for who I am is my faith in my Saviour, Jesus Christ.  If not for Him, I would not be who I am.  I won’t preach at you, but I do want you to know that fact about myself.  I’m not into “religion” but a relationship with Jesus.  Feel free to ask me anything about that, and I’ll give you candid, honest answers.

I chose the book below, as it is written by the person I was named for, and because my life verse (11:29) is found in this book, “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

55mm, 1/20 sec, f/5.6, ISO 800, EF-S 18-55mm IS kit lens (Book of Jeremiah)

Day 12 (12 Jan 2012) Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I took what is probably my favorite photo of all I’ve ever taken.  It was taken well after I posted my daily pic, but I love it so much I’m posting it here, today, in addition to today’s photo.

It was taken on the day of birth of one of my best friends’ daughter.  I have to admit looking at the finished photo caused some deep emotion to well up.  I’m not saying it’s because it’s all because of the photo, but because it’s personal, I’m sure.

2012_Jan_11_Rodriguez Baby_088
55 mm, 1/40 sec, f/5.6, ISO 3200, edited in Lightroom (A Father’s Love)

After yesterday, I couldn’t really come up with anything that could compare, but I did tinker around my office for a bit, shooting random objects, trying to see what locked my interest.  Sadly nothing really did, but I lock onto my book shelf.  I LOVE to read, and C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors (though admittedly I’ve only read the Narnia series so far).

23 mm, 1/10 sec, f/4.5, ISO 3200 (Library)

Day 10 (10 Jan 2012) A Good Read

I have to admit that I didn’t really feel like trying to find something great to shoot this evening, especially after my attempt to shoot the moon this morning (against a morning sky, while sitting in my car on the side of the road) came out pretty poor.  I think I’m doing pretty good thinking about what I can shoot for this project, but I’m trying REAL hard to not feel like it’s a requirement on days like this.  On days when I’m out and about, I feel more energy to seek out a good shot, but when I’m just going to work and coming home, some days my creative energy isn’t there 😦

But I will continue on this quest.  It is causing me to look at my world a little differently most of the time.  And I’m using my camera.  Trying to shoot the ordinary in a unique way, trying to make the normal, interesting.  It’s exciting to think that at the end of this year, I’ll have had some great shots, learned a lot, and most importantly, had fun!

But on days like today, I just enjoy curling up with a good book, one that will hold me engaged.  And because this project is as much about sharing my life with you as it is trying to grow in my photography, I bring you this, my Kindle, which I LOVE to read 🙂  It is one of the reasons I was able to read 24 books last year.

55 mm, 1/15 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400 (My Kindle)