Day 212 (30 July 2012) Canon AE-1 Program

Today was a super busy day; It’s 10:30 and Im just now coming up from the garage, halted by needing more parts than I expected to do my clutch replacement (when my throwout bearing disintegrated, it caused the clutch release lever and some other parts to be destroyed).  And I hadn’t thought about making a photo yet.

But earlier today, I scored a deal on another film camera, a Canon AE-1 Program.  The image below is what I used to show it off on Facebook to my friends (heavily edited in Snapseed).  And since I count any camera for use in this blog, this iPhone photo is today’s image, if for no other reason than it’s late and I’m tired, LOL.

Yesterday evening I did end up editing some of the photos from my time in the studio on Saturday, so I hope to get some up tomorrow 🙂  I’ll leave you to today’s image as I go and clean up enough to get into bed 🙂  G’night y’all!


For some reason, the photos seem better on the smaller phone screen, I may have gone a bit overboard on this one, LOL.  Always learning, I am!