Day 152 (31 May 2012) The Carnival, Part II

5 months down!  Wow, what a ride and experience it has been!!  I appreciate all y’all’s support as I tackle this project 🙂  YOU have made it a lot more fun!

I went back out to the local carnival tonight (still wearing my sweaty/stinky gym clothes, lol) and was able to shoot each ride I wanted to!  I’m pleased with these photos!  One of them will be one of my submissions to the Long Exposure project.  One of my shots from the ADKs is my first submission, and I think my last one will be from the lake shot.  I really like the first three shots, and wills submit one of them; but I would like your help selecting your favorite of the three (or any other long exposure shot I’ve done)!  So, please leave me a comment about which you think I should submit, and maybe why you like it better than the others (or why you don’t like the others).  Thanks!


18 mm, 2 sec, f/8.0, ISO 100 (Rock O Planet)


18 mm, 1.3 sec, f/8.0, ISO 100 (Rock O Planet)


18 mm, 10 sec, f/22, ISO 100 (Carousel)


18 mm, 3.2 sec, f/11, ISO 100 (Spinning)


18 mm, 2 sec, f/10, ISO 100 (Ferris Wheel)