Day 15 (15 Jan 2012) Life and Death

As I was driving home today from church, I passed this corn field I pass every time I come home.  But I noticed that there was this knarley dead tree out in the middle, and I thought it looked pretty cool.  I thought I could shoot some pics of it as the sun set and get one good enough to post here.

But since today it’s acting like the first day of winter; it was 18F out and windy, I didn’t quite make it to sunset.  I spent about 15 min fighting numbness in my gloved fingers as I ran around the field trying different angles and positions.  It was so cold I wasn’t thinking about the settings on the camera, or hardly remembering to look at the preview after shooting to see if it came out ok.  So, most of my shots were not quite what I was hoping for.  They weren’t necessarily bad, just not what I had envisioned.  But as I was running back to my car, a flock of geese was heading south (finally) and I managed to capture this shot (slightly edited):

2012_Jan_15_Tree & Corn Field_030
36 mm, 1/200 sec, f/10, ISO 100 (Geese and Dead Tree in Corn Field)