Day 289 (15 Oct 2012) Autumn Morning

This morning as I was leaving for work, I saw what is represented in the first two images from my drive way.  These are the days when I’m glad I live out in the country, many miles from the nearest big town or city.  It’s great having the relitive peace and quite (I can hear the occassional car or truck on the road near by), and the dark nights (pretty decent for night photography).  It’s hard to imagine living in a city or large town on days like this.  I included both images because I’m not sure which composition I like the best; each has elements that speak to me in how they are captured.

The other images were taken at Horse Pond in Salem, CT, on my way into town to teach a personal finance class called Financial Peace University.  Fall is my favorite time of year, and in New England, it’s even better because of the fall foliage.  I actually met an Irish couple during my flight back from Spain  (the Dublin – Boston leg) who fly to the US to be “leaf peepers” almost every year.  It’s great to live in such a beautiful area!!

For those of you who are near/in CT, I have planned a Fall Foliage hike at Sleeping Giant State park that is open to anyone who wants to join.  Of course there will be lots of photography, so leave a comment and I’ll give you details if you are interested!





Day 10 (10 Jan 2012) A Good Read

I have to admit that I didn’t really feel like trying to find something great to shoot this evening, especially after my attempt to shoot the moon this morning (against a morning sky, while sitting in my car on the side of the road) came out pretty poor.  I think I’m doing pretty good thinking about what I can shoot for this project, but I’m trying REAL hard to not feel like it’s a requirement on days like this.  On days when I’m out and about, I feel more energy to seek out a good shot, but when I’m just going to work and coming home, some days my creative energy isn’t there 😦

But I will continue on this quest.  It is causing me to look at my world a little differently most of the time.  And I’m using my camera.  Trying to shoot the ordinary in a unique way, trying to make the normal, interesting.  It’s exciting to think that at the end of this year, I’ll have had some great shots, learned a lot, and most importantly, had fun!

But on days like today, I just enjoy curling up with a good book, one that will hold me engaged.  And because this project is as much about sharing my life with you as it is trying to grow in my photography, I bring you this, my Kindle, which I LOVE to read 🙂  It is one of the reasons I was able to read 24 books last year.

55 mm, 1/15 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400 (My Kindle)