Day 179 (27 June 2012) Framing the Moon

My shot tonight is another for the Photo Scavenger Hunt hosted by Shannon and Nick.  The theme is “framed moon”.  My first inclination was to shoot the moon with it surround by trees or other natural items.  Then as I stewed on it (and the other themes) I thought, why not put the moon in a frame?  And why not have someone hold the frame?  I love this photo.  Esp. since I’m very good friends with her parents, and I have known her for about 4 years.  What do you think?

2012_Jun_27_Moon Frame Ella_001

37 mm, 1/20 sec, f/5.6, ISO 100 (Framing the Moon)

I realize now I should have boosted the ISO and dropped the shutter speed, esp. since she was anything by steady (so don’t zoom in to full size!).  But I was more focused on moving my camera constantly to keep the moon in the frame, lol. 🙂