Day 298 (24 Oct 2012) Lens Reflections

I was changing lenses to take the last image displayed below (nope, you are not getting away from fall/autumn images yet; it is my fav time of year, if you can’t tell, lol), and I noticed the reflection of the light in the lens, off of the multiple lens elements.  I thought it was pretty neat.  🙂

The last image is of a chair on my deck, reminding me that I still need to clean up the yard; anyone want to help rake leaves? 🙂

2012_Oct_24_Lens Reflection_004

2012_Oct_24_Lens Reflection_006

2012_Oct_24_Chair with Leaves_008

Day 183 (1 July 2012) Self Portrait

Today marks the half way point of this 366 project!! It also marks the completion of the photo scavenger hunt project.  The last photo is an “Abstract Self Photo.”  It represents how I look at the world since starting this project.

2012_Jul_01_Lens Eye_001

 This project has been much more than I expected, in may ways.  First of all, I never anticipated the amount of time this project would take!  It’s not for anyone with time constraints, lol!  But I have noticed that my skill has improved a TON in the past 6 months.  I guess when you practice something everyday, you are bound to improve 🙂  I also have seen that I have a creative side that I never knew about, and that it comes out when I’m behind the camera.  I’ve gotten a lot of positive feed back both from all y’all here in this community, and from my own friends who, like me, never saw this side of me.

I want to thank you all for that support and encouragement and I push through to the end of this project!

 – Jeremy