Days 353-363 (18-28 Dec 2012) Catch Up Post, and GOOD NEWS!!

These past several days have been crazy, busy, and awesome!  I have not had a chance to post, but I have taken photos every day (even if just with my iPhone), so I am still on track for this project!!!

Below are some of the photos, the most important/best ones of these several days.  Some have not been processed yet, and others (such as the iPhone snapshots) are not worth posting here.  Starting next year, I will move my blog to another WordPress address; I have a few reserved, but will let you know the new address to subscribe to.  I will not be doing another 365 project, but I will still be making photos all the time, and posting.  My goal is to have a site (WordPress or other) where I can post not only a blog, but also galleries to show off my best work.  I will also be buying a domain name (or two) and professional hosting.

Please take a moment and view below what is my absolute favorite photo of all time!!

2012_Dec_23_Engagement Shoot_094

She said YES!!!!!

2012_Dec_25_Christmas With Jamie_082

Christmas with my Fiancé

2012_Dec_24_Portland Fishing Pier_079

Maine Lobster Pots

2012_Dec_24_Portland Fishing Pier_068

FIshing Boats in Portland ME

2012_Dec_26_Lensbaby_024Rain On A Window (Shot with my new Lensbaby Spark!)


Latte (Shot with my new Lensbaby Spark!)

Day 295 (21 Oct 2012) Wedding Bells

On Sunday I attended the wedding of a couple friends, and as I was asked to help set up a little, I arrived early enough to get some shooting in before everyone else arrived.  I was also hired to shoot the last hour or so after the pro photographer left (I’m not a pro, esp. for weddings!), especially of the bride and groom leaving the bridal suite, saying good by, and getting into the limo.  It was an honor to be asked to shoot that (and get a little $ for it, too), esp. since I wasn’t asked to develop the photos (the bride will do that on her own time).  But anyway, here are a couple of my “personal” photos from that day.

2012_Oct_21_Strand Wedding_020

Camera Bling

2012_Oct_21_Strand Wedding_018

Center Pieces 

2012_Oct_21_Strand Wedding_028

Reception Hall