8 Feb 2013 – Baby it’s cold outside!

Here are some of my images from the past week or so, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

There is an irrigation pond not far from my home where the ‘old timers’ like to gather and fish.  Not having good ice traction, I wasn’t able to talk to this gentleman, other than to ask if I could take his photo.

2013_Jan_30_Ice Fishing_006

2013_Jan_30_Ice Fishing_020

I was able to borrow my friends’s wide angle lens (Tokina 11-16mm), so I brought it to Avery Point in Groton, CT to try it out a little bit. As it was my first time with the lens, I wasn’t too impressed in general w/ my images, the lens is fun, though it feels almost like a prime. I think I’ll try the Canon 10-20 next 🙂

2013_Feb_03_Avery Point_063

2013_Feb_03_Avery Point_022

Wednesday night, after teaching a class to kids on photography, I felt inspired to shoot some night photography. I shot these from a pedestrian bridge over Rt 32 in Waterford, CT. In the first image you can see the athletic complex for ConCollege in the foreground and the town of Groton across the river. The brightest lights lights across the river, on the left side, are SubBase New London (yes, it’s in Groton) where I was stationed before I got out.

2013_Feb_06_Groton at Night_005

2013_Feb_06_Pedestrian Bridge_012

These last two I took today. I had a green glass bowl that I had used to make banana bread that was in the drying rack over the portion cups I used to pre-measure my ingredients. It looked pretty cool as the muted sun glinted off the now-green cups.

2013_Feb_08_Green Bowl_012

2013_Feb_08_Green Bowl_013

Day 212 (30 July 2012) Canon AE-1 Program

Today was a super busy day; It’s 10:30 and Im just now coming up from the garage, halted by needing more parts than I expected to do my clutch replacement (when my throwout bearing disintegrated, it caused the clutch release lever and some other parts to be destroyed).  And I hadn’t thought about making a photo yet.

But earlier today, I scored a deal on another film camera, a Canon AE-1 Program.  The image below is what I used to show it off on Facebook to my friends (heavily edited in Snapseed).  And since I count any camera for use in this blog, this iPhone photo is today’s image, if for no other reason than it’s late and I’m tired, LOL.

Yesterday evening I did end up editing some of the photos from my time in the studio on Saturday, so I hope to get some up tomorrow 🙂  I’ll leave you to today’s image as I go and clean up enough to get into bed 🙂  G’night y’all!


For some reason, the photos seem better on the smaller phone screen, I may have gone a bit overboard on this one, LOL.  Always learning, I am!