Day 301 (27 Oct 2012) Fall Trees and a Stone Wall

Took a short walk this afternoon, under the cloudy sky, which provided nice texture to the sky.  I also noticed the moon out tonight before it got dark and thought it looked good 🙂  I’m not sure which version I prefer, so I posted both 🙂

This weekend I’ve been working my way through my photos from Spain, and I’m about halfway through; feel free to check out my Flickr Photostream Spain set, though it’s not complete yet.  I’ll repost the link once I’m done with them.  I don’t think I’ll make up the posts, but do one that has my best/favorite photos once I’m done.

2012_Oct_27_Fall Scene_001

2012_Oct_27_Fall Scene_005

2012_Oct_27_Fall Scene_010

2012_Oct_27_Fall Scene_011

Day 87 (27 March 2012) Spanish Longing

Today in honor of my gf’s arrival in Spain, I dug out some Peseta’s from a port call in Mallorca, Spain while on a naval training exercise. If you would like to follow her missionary activities in Spain, click here. You can also help support her, if you feel led 🙂

Before the Euro, Spain used the Paseta as currency. If you want to read up on the history of the Peseta, click here.

One of my favorite items to collect while traveling outside the US is currency. Most other countries’ currencies make our money look boring. I love the use of color and art in other currencies. I make a point of collecting at least one of each coin denomination, and one each of the lower bill denominations. One day I’ll make a scrapbook of it all.


43 mm, 1/40 sec, f/5.0, ISO 800, 18-55mm kit lens (Pesetas)

Not my best photo, but I’ve got a big homework assignment due tomorrow, so look for a good one tomorrow, after class 🙂