Day 316 (11 Nov 2012) Veterans Day

Veterans Day.  This is the day in which we honor those who have (and are currently) served our great nation.  But what does it mean to be a Vet?  Have you ever pondered what serving in our military today is like?  Do you know anyone who has or is serving?

There is so much I could tell you about the daily scarifies that our men and women make, and that their families make, too.  But It would fill up much more of your time than I normally do.  Of all that they sacrifice for our freedom, it is my opinion (from experience) that leaving your family behind is the biggest.  Imagine giving birth with out the father present.  Christmas with out mom.  Anniversaries alone.  Imagine not being able to watch  your child’s first steps.

Regardless of your political views of the wars and conflicts our nation is involved in, honor the men and women who go, no questions asked, do to the bidding of their Commander In Chief, regardless of who it is.

2012_Nov_11_Veterans Day_018

From my time in Afghanistan, though embedded in an Army unit, I was still a Sailor!

2012_Nov_11_Veterans Day_012

My “Fish”, or the recognition that I qualified as Submarine Warfare Officer

Day 223 (10 Aug 2012) Fair Winds and Following Seas USS Providence!

I know this post is a bit late for yesterday, but It was late when I made it home last night, and I’ve had technical problems all morning.

Yesterday I was asked to take some photos for a couple that I’m good friends with.  He was leaving on an extended deployment on the USS Providence, a US Navy Fast Attack Submarine (almost identical to the one I served on).  Of course I said yes; I know how important and hard this day is on both of them, having experienced more than once.  I shot a lot of images, most of which are still being uploaded. The image below below is the first one I worked with.  It came out way too over exposed (I had my settings all wrong from shooting at their home, and I wasn’t fast enough to properly set it up for this shot)

I wasn’t expecting anything from this, being as over exposed as it is.  But after some heavy tweaks, what you see below came out.  And it hit me; the emotion of this image, the moment, and memories of my own moments, including sending off my gf to spain for up to 3  years, just hit.  I couldn’t move or think for a little while.  I can’t even go back into LR to finish the rest of them right now.

Fair Winds and Following Seas, crew of the USS Providance!  May God’s hand be upon  you, and the families you left behind!  Return safely and with your mission complete!

2012_Aug_10_Cory and Sam_077

18 mm, 1/20 sec, f/3.5, ISO 100 (Goodbye)