Day 302 (28 Oct 2012) The Calm Before the Storm

Tomorrow the East Coast will begin to get pounded by Hurricane Sandy.  We up in southern New England will get the northern part of the storm.  The last time we got hit w/ a huge storm, power was out for over a week, so everyone has been preparing.  I myself am fully prepared and ready, “Sandy, Bring it!!!” lol

I took a trip to Ocean State Beach in New London, CT, to see what was preceding the storm.  The clouds added a bit of drama to the sky, and the wind was whipping up the surf.  We in CT don’t see real surf, protected as we are by Long Island.  I have to admit its very tempting to brave the storm to see the storm surge, but I think I’ll just stay in and play it safe 😦

2012_Oct_28_Hurican Sandy Beach_074

2012_Oct_28_Hurican Sandy Beach_012

2012_Oct_28_Hurican Sandy Beach_083

2012_Oct_28_Hurican Sandy Beach_089

Day 43 (12 Feb 2012) The Tracks

So I probably should appologize for yesterday’s posting, but I’m not.  This is MY blog, after all 😉

But seriously, I spent the day with my gf, and since it was our Valenties Day, spending any time in “photography” would have been to have ignored her.  Even though she is a budding photog, too, yeasterday was “us” time.  But I didn’t want to miss a day on this project, so I comprimised by snaping a pic of the dipping oil as we were about to leave the resturaunt.

But now back to using my real camera vice my old Droid Eris.  The photo’s from today were taken at the same location that I wanted to shoot when I posted the “hope” shot on Thursday.  It was 25F and windy today, so I didn’t want to linger, but I still hope that I was able to capture the beautiful sky and the Thames river.  I will try the night version again, so stay tuned!

The Tracks and The Thames River

18 mm, 1/125 sec, f/11, ISO 100, Canon 18-55mm kit lens (The Thames and the Tracks)


18 mm, 1/50 sec, f/11, ISO 100, Canon 18-55mm kit lens (Side-Tracked)

Day 13 (13 Jan 2011) 571 Photos

My goal with this has been to share one photo a day with you.  I’ve shared 2 or 3 photos at different times, but today, I wanted to do more.  I’m sharing 571 photos with you!

Wait!  Don’t click away!  I promise that it won’t take long for you to look at them all, in fact, you can see all of them in 1 min, 16 sec!  You probably don’t belive me, and that’s ok, just look below:

571 photos combined in iMovie, 10 fps

That wasn’t so bad, was it?  My first time-lapse 🙂  Not perfect, I know.  And I know there should be some awesome sound track to go with it, but I had way too much going on today to do that kind of editing, and iMovie (the software I used for this), will only allow a max of 10 fps (most videos are 24 or 30 fps); that is why it’s ‘jumpy’.  I need to get some other software for future projects.  But I do welcome your feed back: anything from a music score to add to this to software I can use to editing techniques.