Day 291 (17 Oct 2012) More Autumn Shots

One thing I’ve read over and over again on various photo sited, blogs, instruction articals, etc, is that to be a great photographer one must learn to tell a story with their photos & images.  One thing I’ve noticed in my photography during this 365 project is that most days I just shoot whatever crosses my mind or patch.   Very few days involve a shoot that is thought out or planned, hence I’m not really telling any stories with my photography.  One of the cons of this project is that the ‘pressure’ to shoot and post an image every day precludes much long-term project planning (or maybe it’s because most of the year I’m taking two college courses and teaching a personal finance course).

However, as one new to “photography”, this project has had far more pros than cons.  Because of the constant shooting, my photography has improved immensely in the past 10 months.  In all the time I’ve had a digital camera, the number of images I have on my hard drive (I’ve lost some, sure, but not more than a few hundred, i’m sure) number just over 20,000 (that’s from 2001-2011), yet since 1 January 2012, I’ve shot just shy of 16,000!  It’s no wonder I’ve gotten better 🙂  In the next year, I would like to take more time with my images: planning shoots, editing photos, and practicing techniques intentionally.  I’ll still carry a camera with me always, but I won’t force a shot just to have an image every day, though.

Anyway, all that to say that I shot more fall images today.  I did try to do it a little differently; shooting w/ my 60mm macro lens and walking through my yard/woods during lunch.

2012_Oct_17_Fall Foliage_022

2012_Oct_17_Fall Foliage_012

2012_Oct_17_Fall Foliage_009

2012_Oct_17_Fall Foliage_031

What did you think? All thoughts & critiques are welcome!

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